IFCO has voluntarily embarked on a sustainable management approach in the management of its forest concessions, its supply system and its subcontracts which are an important component of its activities. Any serious failure of the supplier about the principles referred to this Charter shall constitute a serious breach of its contractual obligations which may result in termination of the contract to the supplier’s wrongs without prejudice to any damages. For its suppliers, subcontractors and service providers (here referred to as suppliers), this charter formalizes their commitment to compliance with legal requirements in the DRC by IFCO, compliance with labor standards, health protection and worker safety, protection of the environment, fight against poaching and illegal transport of forest products.

By committing to IFCO‘s subcontracting charter, the supplier undertakes to make efforts to respect, enforce and implement all the principles set out in it in compliance with the contractual provisions and requirements that are applicable in the DRC. He agrees to receive or do receive its subcontractors, internal auditors IFCO mandated to verify compliance with contractual and legal provisions.

Any serious and deliberate failure of the supplier to the principles mentioned in this charter will constitute a serious breach of its contractual obligations likely to result according to the seriousness of the breach, the application of the coercive measures envisaged by the contract and which can go the case up to the termination of the contract pure and simple to the fault of the supplier without prejudice to any damage and interest. In the event of supplier’s non-compliance with certain provisions of this charter for particular reasons, the supplier shall inform the certification officer of IFCO in order to agree on suitable measures to be implemented.

Compliance with legal requirements in DRC

IFCO‘s policy is to comply with all legal requirements governing its business and only deal with legal suppliers.

The supplier undertakes to comply with the regulations in force in the DRC, and to deal only with companies that operate legally. Supplier and appoint a manager in charge of monitoring compliance with legal and contractual requirements.

Workers protection
IFCO has developed within itself freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining; it prohibits forced or compulsory labor and complies with local labor laws. The supplier undertakes to respect the principle of freedom of association, protection of the right to organize and collective bargaining of the ILO Convention C87 in accordance with the law.

The provider undertakes not to use forced or compulsory labor as defined in ILO Convention C29 and 105. The C29 convention defines forced or compulsory labor as any work or service exacted from any person under the menace of any penalty for which said person has not offered himself voluntarily.

The supplier undertakes not to use illegal labor as defined in the legal regulation of labor in the DRC.

Health and safety protection
The supplier is engaged to provide adequate personal protective equipment to its staff; It strives to maintain a healthy and reassuring environment. It ensures that its activities do not interfere with the health and safety of its staff and subcontractors.

Environmental protection
The supplier undertakes to control the impact of its activities on the environment by taking all necessary steps to achieving this goal. Thus, it undertakes to comply with environmental laws.

Fight against poaching
The supplier undertakes to combat poaching and not be involved in any activities that may contribute to the facilitation of poaching. It mustn’t carry hunting products, poachers, hunting weapons and trapping cables.

Transport of unknown or illegal forest products
The supplier agrees not to transport forest products other than those declared on the waybill.

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