Wood Transformation

With two logging concessions, two primary processing units, two dryers, one flooring and carpentry, IFCO is one of the Congolese leaders in the wood industry

Social Policy

The commercialization of wood must concretely benefit the local development.

Environmental policy

Logging must preserve the richness of the forest so that it can be passed on to future generations.

  • Autonomy

    We regularly supply our customers thanks to our great forestry concessions

  • LegalSource ™

    We comply with the requirements for harvesting, transporting and trading according to the LegalSource™ standard

  • Exploitation

    We make sure our forests that the principles of Forestry in Reduced Impact Logging (EFIR) are respected

  • Management

    Our love and care to nature allows us to carefully and wisely manage our forestry exploitation

Welcome to IFCO!

IFCO, understood as Forest Industry of Congo, is a company responsible for planning, logging, transport and marketing of wood forest products. On all of its forest concessions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, IFCO is committed to :

  • Get all legal rights to harvest timber in its concessions ;
  • Pay all taxes and dues that are inherent in its activities ;
  • Consider legally recognized customary rights ;
  • Meet the national and international requirements of wood marketing and export.

About US

We represent a forester exploitation company based on two concessions that constitute our main supply source.

Our activities

We ensure the integration of activities from harvesting to the finished product.

Social Policy

Our operating practices integrate the preservation of user rights and the traditional know-how of local communities.

Our products

We offer a diverse range of forester products starting from wood logs to final processed products.