Industrie Forestière du Congo Sarl (IFCO) has become a member of the International Technical Association of Tropical Timber (ATIBT) which is a benchmark association for tropical timber. The announcement was made on the ATIBT website on Friday, October 1, 2021 (https://www.atibt.org/en/announcements/64/atibt-welcomes-its-new-member-ifco).

The company is the beneficiary of two concessions with a total exploitable area of ​​295,235 hectares which constitute its main source of supply in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Since its creation in December 2017, IFCO has been committed to a responsible and legal management approach for its forests, equipping itself with the human and material resources to achieve the required level of compliance. It chose the LegalSource standard proposed by NEPCon and on April 10, 2020 obtained its “LegalSource TM” certificate for its management and logging activities in its forest concession 011/18-Alibuku located in the province of TSHOPO and its processing activities in its factory located in Kinkolé in the city of Kinshasa; certificate which was renewed on May 26, 2021.
IFCO’s commitment to responsible and legal management thus meets the objectives of ATIBT, whose work consists of promoting the development of a sustainable, ethical and legal industry for tropical timber as a natural and renewable resource, essential to the socio-economic development of producing countries.