IFCO obtained for its forest concession 018/11 – Alibuku located in the Province of Tshopo, certification according to the LegalSource ™ standard issued by NEPCon under the code NC-LS-053820, which guarantees that all wood products (logs and sawn timber) from the said concession have complied with legal requirements in terms of harvesting, transport and trade in timber.
The certificate was obtained in April 2020. The latter confirms the company’s constant commitment to an approach of sustainable and responsible management of the forests granted to it by the Democratic Republic of Congo. Certificate IFCO LegalSource™

Certificat IFCO LegalSource™

LegalSource™ wood certificate

LegalSource ™ sets out the conditions for the production and acquisition of legally harvested timber. It complies with the main regulations in force in the UE, the United States and Australia.

Complies with regulations for key timber markets

The LegalSource ™ standard is fully compliant with the EU Timber Regulation (RBUE), United States Lacey Act and Australian Prohibition of Illegal Logging Act.

Applicable worldwide

Operators can use this standard in regulated timber markets, such as the EU, US and Australia ; but it is also useful internationally for suppliers who wish to meet buyers’ needs in terms of product information, documentation on the origin of the wood and guarantee of legality.

Key element in the EU-recognized LegalSource ™ due diligence system

The LegalSource ™ standard forms the basis of NEPCON’s SDR, which is recognized as EUTR compliant by the European Commission.

Basis for credible communication

The external benchmarking, assessment or certification associated with this standard allows companies to provide assurances of their commitment to sourcing legally sourced timber. Certification gives access to LegalSource™ guarantees and labels.

NEPCon (LegalSource™ certification organization) is a non-profit organization that works to support good land management and compliance with best working practices for the benefit of people, nature and climate in 100+ countries.

NEPCON LegalSource