IFCO, as Forest Industry of the Congo is a responsible company for planning, logging, transport and marketing of woody forest products. During all its forester missions, IFCO is engaged to :

  1. Obtain, through regulatory processes, all legal rights to harvest wood respecting prescribed processes ;
  2. Pay all taxes and legal fees that are associated with logging, processing, transportation and marketing of the company products ;
  3. Conduct harvesting operations in accordance with legal requirements, manage its forests and comply with planned recovery planning ;
  4. Legally consider recognized customary rights and set up platforms for consultation with local residents ;
  5. Comply with national, international and any applicable restrictions on the transportation, marketing and export of forest products ;
  6. Identify, control and continuously reduce the risks of illegal supply of forest products ;
  7. Control the environmental impacts of activities by providing measures adapted to the identified impacts, managing product waste and adapting low-impact techniques ;
  8. Improve working conditions in order to preserve the socio-economic well-being of workers.

In order to fulfill its commitments, the IFCO Executive Board provides the competent human resources, the technical and financial resources, as well as the organizational structure necessary to implement and continuously improve its performance in term of legal supply of forest products.

Download the official document of Supply policy